In recent years there has been increased recreational fishing in region around City of Koprivnica.Drava River located 15 km north of City of Koprivnica is one of the premier fishing rivers with history of providing good fishing for a variety of species such as: catfish, carp, pike, pike perch, rainbow trout, barbel, bream, goldfish, tench, chub, crucians carp and so many other fish.Main tributaries of River Drava are: Mura, Bednja and Gliboki, which also provide excellent spots for fishing.
As a result of long term excavating of sand and gravel from River Drava there are now tens of big and small lakes. One of them Lake Soderica is about 300 hectares surface area, which is not only the best for fishing, it is well known Swimming Centre with about 400 Holiday houses. Also there are other lakes such as: Lake Jegenis, Lake Jeskovo, Lake Dragovoljca, Lake Autoput, Lake Hintov, Lake Kencel, Lake Vidak, Lake Sigatec, Lake Kuzminec, Lake Rasinja and Lake Betonara.
All of them are considered to be the most interesting place for fishing around City of Kprivnica in Croatia.  That is main reason why one of the most popular activities for visitors of all ages is fishing. There are many fishing clubs who organise regular Interclub Competitions including events for individuals and teams, men, ladies, juniors and veterans. Recreational Fishing Clubs Associations Koprivnica is organisation which is responsible for water protection and Fish stocking.


Rivers Mura and Drava with their tributaries & dams.

Lakes: Soderica, Jegenis, Jeskovo, Rasinja, Gabajeva Greda, Autoput 2, Vidak and about twenty small lakes.


Carp, bass, catfish, pike, amur and other cyprinid kind of fish.

Fishing Clubs:

About Twenty (19) fishing clubs in and around of the City of Koprivnica with over 1500 members.

Environmental protection:

Water and fish – protected with 10-th accredited rangers


Every year in March – “Fishermen’s for their City”

Carp Cup “Jeskovo” start every year in June. Location Lake Jeskovo.

Spinning Cup “Soderica “ every year during September on Lake Soderica –boat spinning.

Competitions between Fishing Clubs and individuals all category- Croatian Fishing League

Accommodations & Information’s:

Hotel “Podravina”(***), "Bijela Kuca"(***), Koprivnica,

Fishing Licence and informations:

Recreational Fishing Clubs Associations Koprivnica

Daily fishing licence selling at Hotel "Podravina" Koprivnica 24 hours (0 –24) Pizeria Kavalir Botovo 06 30 - 23 00 hours and “Fishing klub"” lake Soderica 10-23 hour.

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